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These are all hypothetical pieces done at the student level that are good enough to stand on their own. The idea is clear enough that the intended audience does not need more explanation, or the piece is compelling enough to encourage exploration. While all pieces utilize original copy, I have placed pieces that soley focus on copy at the bottom of the page.campaignS. Due to intellectual property rights for my current position, I cannot showcase work done for my company on this site. All logos represented are owned by the companies represented and are not owned in any part by me. All pieces were not comissioned by or represent the companies depicted in any way.






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Web/ Print Ad for Coachella 2014
Roles: Design, Copy

Web/Print Ad for Bose
Roles: Concept, Design, Copy

This was a social media post for my previous job at Hands In Motion Music. The purpose was to illustrate the better service that a client would experience with HIMM than a traditional recording studio.

Roles:  Concept, Strategy, Design, Copy

I was asked to market Mary Kay to Millennial women. I thought that by omitting the name entirely and using initials would make it seem more relevant to younger buyers. Combined with package redesign and new product offerings, Mary Kay could easily reach their desired target.


Web/Print Ad for Possible Mary Kay at play Redesign

Roles: Concept, Design, Copy

Print Ad for Barnes & Noble
Roles: Concept, Illustration (Books), Design, Copy

Copy for Charmin Ultra Soft
Roles: Copy

Copy for Stacy's Pita Chips
Roles: Copy

Copy for Tide Sport
Roles: Copy

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